Excerpts from Volume VI, Spring 2015

It began to scream, an awful, hellish sound, not shrill or loud but the opposite—a scream with no voice.

– Fiction, Wings by Kayla Cardeiro

Perhaps she thought the sight of the sweet peas would soothe her and help her find a moment or two of peace.

– Nonfiction, What Becomes of the Brokenhearted by Sally Wies

I sleep

alone except on nights

I don’t want to sleep alone—I take Xanax

to stop the dreams.

– Poetry, sixteen ways by Gracie Kenny

Jane desires a home or sanctuary, but this is continually denied her until she herself has achieved a place where she feels complete.

– Literary Analysis, Passionate Resistance: The Domestic Space Bildungsroman of Jane Eyre by Sally Wies

As soon as those words left my mouth, I could feel my mistake almost as if I was getting punched in the face — and then I got punched in the face.

– College Writing, Self-Made Man in a Man-Made System by Benjamin Becerra